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The Services We Offer

This section details information relating to the services currently provided by the Commission.

Charges:Information is provided free of charge, or at the rate shown in the Commission’s Charging Structure for Published Information (see Appendix 1 of the Publication Scheme).

Class of InformationDescriptionRelevant Publications
Other relevant information pertaining to the Commission

People/OD Strategic Framework for Local Government in Northern Ireland

HR Standards assessment for councils

Stress Management Toolkit.

People/OD Strategy

HR Standards

Stress Management Toolkit

Other relevant information pertaining to the CommissionInformation relating to the Review of Public Administration and Local Government Modernisation, including the work of the Local Government Reform Joint Forum

LGSC Responses to RPA Consultations

LGSC papers pertaining to Local Government modernisation

Northern Ireland Joint Council for Local Government Services (NIJC)

The NIJC is the negotiating body for all staff in councils in Northern Ireland (except Chief Executives).

The Commission provide the independent secretariat to the NIJC


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