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Review Of Public Administration

The Commission aims to provide leadership within local government in relation to HR matters arising from Local Government Reform and the Modernisation Agenda.

We aim to:

        Assist the Strategic Leadership Board and related Policy Development Panels in HR and Capacity Building initiatives

        Lead local government preparations for the HR aspects of RPA implementation and local government modernisation

        Support the work of the Public Service Commission (PSC)

        Assist NILGA in the implementation of the modernisation of the local government agenda

        Contribute to specific local government or cross-sectoral implementation initiatives

        Review developments in Organisation Design/Development techniques and recommending as necessary

        Address staff capacity building issues through the LGTG and individual personal development plans

        Promote the HR Standards as a model for best practice in councils

Currently we are involved in Policy Development Panel ‘C’ and the HR and Capacity Building working groups. 

In addition we have membership of the Regional Transition Co-ordinating Group which will provide the essential interface between the strategic political level (Strategic Leadership Board and Policy Development Panels) and the local policy vehicles (Transition Committees) and their local operational vehicles (Transition Management Teams).  This Group will be responsible to the Strategic Leadership Board for co-ordinating and supporting the consistent implementation of the regional reform policies across the 11 Council areas.

As we develop guidance in relation to the RPA it will be available through links on this website

3rd Floor
St Anne's House
15 Church Street
Telephone: (028) 9031 3200

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