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The specific statutory functions of the Local Government Staff Commission, as detailed in Section 40 (4) of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972 are as follows:

(a)Establishing in such a manner as the Staff Commission thinks fit, bodies (to be known as “advisory appointment panels”) for the purpose of giving advice to councils on the suitability of applicants for appointment to the office of clerk and to other offices for which qualifications are prescribed under section 41 (including the making of a selection of persons who may be treated as eligible for such appointments;
(b)Establishing a code of procedure for securing fair and equal consideration of applications to councils and to the NIHE by persons seeking to be employed by them as officers, and fair and equal treatment of persons who are so employed;
(c)Assessing the probable future requirements of councils and of the NIHE for the recruitment of officers and securing publicity for the opportunities that are available to persons who may seek employment as such officers;
(d)Promoting co-operation between councils, the NIHE, public bodies, government departments and educational institutions in matters connected with the recruitment, training and terms and conditions of employment of officers, and promoting the temporary transfer of officers (with their consent) in pursuance of arrangements made between councils, between councils and the NIHE or between councils or the NIHE and any such bodies, departments or institutions;
(e)Promoting or assisting the development of, or providing, facilities for the training of officers;
(f)Promoting or assisting the establishment of, or establishing, procedures for the negotiation between councils, the NIHE and officers of councils or the NIHE or associations representing any of them, of standard rates of remuneration, or other terms and conditions of employment, for officers of councils or the NIHE and recommending the adoption by councils and the NIHE of rates, terms and conditions so negotiated.

* The term ‘NIHE’ refers to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

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